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Customer experience

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Markus Girardi
Markus Girardi Easy implementing into our lab Implementing Celtra Press in our laboratory was extremely easy - the user manual is lucid and easy to understand and all the steps are easy to follow. Anyone who has ever worked with pressable ceramic will be able to handle this new material straight away.
Dr. Mischa Krebs
Dr. Mischa Krebs Full confidence in Celtra Press I have full confidence in Celtra Press because it offers significantly more strength - more than 500 MPa - than any otherwise comparable material. Its extremely high fracture resistance has been documented in studies conducted by the universities of Heidelberg and Regensburg.

Markus Stork Sensational material The processing characteristics of the material are sensational: Its excellent flow properties simplify the process and help save time. Sprueing is greatly simplified, as only a single sprue is needed, and there is only a minimal reaction layer when using the new Celtra press investment, resulting in a very smooth surface. Rapid heating and extremely precise expansion control provide an excellent fit, which cuts down significantly on the time to completion at the lab. In short: Significantly higher productivity in the laboratory.
Werner Gotsch
Werner Gotsch Impressive new material Dental technicians no longer believe everything they are told. But Celtra Press, a truly impressive new material, easily convinces and helps regain their confidence with its incredible esthetics that reflects the shade environment, its unrivaled excellence of fit and highly economical production methods.
Andreas Kahl
Andreas Kahl User friendly Both the pressing and the veneering ceramics of Celtra Press were very user friendly in their handling. The easy handling of both materials, the resulting time savings and the excellent esthetic results are an important factor in my decisions to oft for using Celtra Press on a permanent basis.
Thomas Bartsch
Thomas Bartsch Simple and safe I think that Celtra is awesome because it simply fits; sprueing and pressing are safe and simple because there is hardly any reaction layer that has to be removed, and because you actually get the shade that is written on the box.
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