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The Celtra Press System

Celtra Press is a universal product system with broad compatibility, designed for easy processing. The system includes pellets, investment material and veneering ceramic.

The perfect esthetic characteristics, strong chameleon effects and high shade fidelity of Celtra Press facilitate the successful reproduction of all VITA shades with a reduced range of individual pressing materials. If Dentsply Sirona Universal Stains are additionally used, even darker shades are easy to implement.

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Das Celtra Press System
Perfect pressing even for highly complex, thin cases with Celtra Press investment
  • Low-viscosity material saves time
  • Minimal reaction layer (no removing of reaction layer necessary)
  • Precise expansion control (precise fitting)
  • Smooth surfaces (fast finishing)
  • Rapid heating (time-saving)
  • Excellent processing properties (reproducible results)
  • For all pressable ceramics (universal use)
High esthetic veneering. Ultra-premium esthetics of Celtra Ceram
  • Single veneering system for all-ceramic restorations - compatible with both zirconia and lithium silicate frameworks
  • Optimized for bonding to Celtra Press and lithium disilicate substructures eliminating need for wash firing
  • Exceptional performance that delivers an incredibly stable and robust result every time, even after multiple firings
  • Shade confidence with out-of-the bottle shade accuracy
High esthetic veneering.
E = Empfehlenswert
SE = Sehr empfehlenswert
1) Ketac
* Ketac ist ein Markenzeichen von 3M ESPE
  • Fully adhesive (Calibra Ceram)
  • Self-adhesive (Calibra Universal)
  • Glass-ionomer (Ketac*)

Depending on the indication, Celtra Press restorations can be self-adhesively or fully adhesively cemented. Compatible time-proven adhesive cementing materials are available as part of the Dentsply Sirona range of products. Cements are available separately.

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Step by Step movie
  • Step-by-step production of a Celtra® press molar crown
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